Why Microsoft is Expensive

Mac vs Windows Upgrade

When it comes to the great Microsoft vs Apple debate, a common gripe is that an Apple laptop is just way too expensive.

After all, you can find a fully loaded Windows laptop for about half the price.

That is true.

And you can enjoy that cheap laptop – until a new operating system comes out. But then they’ve gotcha.

Upgrading Your Operating System

Right now on Amazon.com I can pick up Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium for a whopping $183.05 (retail $199.99) for ONE LICENSE. The upgrade price weighs in at $107.69 ($119.99 retail).

Now imagine that you use a desktop at home, a laptop for work, maybe your spouse has a laptop that needs an upgrade, and perhaps a few kids in high school with their own computers.

That upgrade is going to cost you a lot of money.

Compare to Mac OS X Lion

Apple is offering Mac OS X Lion for a mere $30 and you can install that on all your various Apple laptops or iMac computers at no extra charge.

To me – that is smart business.

Making it easy for all of your customers to run the latest operating system has a lot of advantages for a company like Apple or Microsoft.


  • keeps everyone current on the latest security issues
  • exposes the entire customer base to the latest features
  • creates customer loyalty
  • recognizes the fact that nowadays people will often have more than one computer and households will have multiple computers
  • encourages people to buy more computers if they know that maintenance costs are low

OS X Mountain Lion

Apple recently announced that the next version of their operating system OS X Mountain Lion is due out at the end of the summer.

They also expressed an intention of coming out with a new version once a year.

To me, that translates to $30 per year to run a current operating system on every Mac my family owns.

Of course I will do the upgrade.

Why I Care

You are probably wondering why I even care about the cost of Windows 7, when I am a Mac user.

Recently I purchased the Nova Development bundle that included Parallels, software that makes it possible for you to run Windows on your Mac.

I am kind of enamored by Windows Live Writer – a program that, unfortunately is for Windows only.

So I opened the door a little, and thought that maybe it would be worth installing Windows on my Mac.

And then reality hit.

I use both a MacBook Pro and my desktop to write posts – so I would need two copies of Windows 7 to make that happen.  Close to $400 right there.

Not to mention that my husband who uses Windows, wouldn’t mind having a Mac that runs Windows. And I won’t even talk about the kids.

And if Windows 8 is released sometime this year – another $200 plus to upgrade?

I don’t think so.

Apple is a Bargain

In light of the cost of upgrading – an Apple computer is looking like a bargain.

It might cost more initially, but you can keep it current for many, many years to come – at a reasonable price.

Haven’t Upgraded Yet?

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