What Is Cloud Computing?


Now that Apple introduced iCloud – the term Cloud Computing has become very common.

But what is it really?

Think of the entire internet as a big cloud sitting out there above the world. Wherever you go – you just need to look up to the sky – and there it is.

Now think about having all your stuff floating on that cloud.

Wherever you are, whenever you want it, all you need to do is reach up to that cloud and grab what you need.

Suppose you want to share some of that stuff with your friend halfway across the world. All your friend needs to do is look up to that cloud and grab what they need, use it – maybe even change it, and put it back on the cloud.

The next time you need that same thing, it will be there waiting for you – with all the changes that your friend made.

In the digital world – this cloud can hold lots of things. It can hold files. It can hold applications.

For example, if you use Google Apps for calendar, email, documents etc. – you are using Cloud Computing.

If you use Dropbox or Apple iCloud – you are using the cloud.

This explanation is very basic – and behind the scenes, things are more complex.

But from the perspective of the average end user – this is how we see it.

And Cloud Computing is truly changing our daily routines, how we work, and how we live.

A friend of mine wanted some help setting up her iCloud. She really didn’t know much about it, but she knew that she wanted to be able to share some stuff, like calendars with her family. She wanted this to happen on a personal level – not for business.

Having the information that we want and need right at our fingertips has become the new norm.

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