Search On A Webpage

Search on Webpage

This little shortcut is priceless.

Sometimes you are searching for something specific on a webpage that you just can’t find.

Perhaps a particular phrase, or word, or reference.

The problem is that the page is long and the word that you are searching for is only mentioned once or twice.

How To Find A Needle in a Haystack on a Mac

On a Mac, how can you search on a webpage quickly and easily?

The answer is simple: Hit the command key and the letter F at the same time.

What happens: A “find” box will magically appear at the bottom of your browser window.

What to do: Type in your search term. Click on Next or Previous to find each instance of your term. And/or click Highlight allĀ  to see all of the instances of that term.

Real Life Example

Yesterday, I reviewed the Law and Order iPad app.

It seems that someone was having trouble with this app because it kept crashing on their iPad.

They found my post by doing a web search for the term “Law and Order Legacies iPad Crash”.

I had this same problem with the app and I mentioned how I solved that problem towards the end of my post.

The person that was looking for the solution would have had to read through my whole post to find the exact thing that they were looking for.

But if they used this shortcut to search on a webpage, they would have found the answer in seconds.

The image above shows the find box in Firefox for Mac and how typing in the search term brings you directly to what you are looking for.

Remember: Press the Command key and the F key at the same time.

Write it on a post it – and stick it on the bottom of your iMac screen or on the cover of your MacBook Pro.

It is a shortcut that you will use often.

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