Orange “Other” Bar on iPod

If you use an iPod with your Apple Mac laptops then you know what I am talking about.

That pesky orange “other” bar that shows up when you sync. Still don’t know what I mean?

When you sync your iPod with your computer a bar shows up at the bottom of your iTunes window that tells you how much available space you have on your device. This bar is multi colored. Music takes up some space, movies takes some more, applications is yet another chunk (if you use the iPod Touch), photos have their own color, and then that mysterious “other” piece that is colored orange.

What is this other? I really have no clue. And it was never an issue or problem for me because it didn’t take up much space.

That is – until I really started working with my iPhoto library. Of course these kinds of things are never apparent right away.

I had had a busy week on my Mac, updating to newer versions of iTunes and whatever else. I also started reading iPhoto ’08: The Missing Manual. Yes, I know that iPhoto is pretty simple to use but I felt like it had more potential than what I was taking advantage of. This book has given me many shortcuts and “Aha” moments – the kind when you say “Wow! I didn’t know the program could do that!”.

So, I started creating new events in iPhoto, splitting up old ones, and rearranging the pictures in my entire library which is about 7,000 photos strong.

At some point after this busy week, I synced up my 16GB iPod Touch – and my orange other bar occupied about 3GB of space.

Now I hate these kind of scratch your head moments. I never really noticed the orange bar before. Did it always take up this much space? No, it couldn’t have – I would have noticed it then, wouldn’t I have? Hmmm. Did the software cause the problem? Is there a problem? Maybe a new app, calendar or contact data? What could it be?

On top of that, the iPod Touch seemed a bit sluggish. Nothing I could put my finger on though. The programs seemed a little slow to launch. How do I call customer service on that one? What do I ask?

Up until this point, I had always synced up my entire iPhoto library onto my iPod Touch using Apple Mac laptops. But everything was split up by album. Before I noticed the large other portion I switched to syncing photos by event. Now that I had added all of these events maybe the organization structure of the events was taking up space.

So, I removed all of my photos from my iPod Touch. And what do you know – most of the orange “other” disappeared. Poof!

Now I know that in my case the other was related to iPhoto.

I have not added pictures back onto my device yet. While it was nice to have the whole library at my fingertips -  I rarely used it. Once I finish working with my iPhoto library, I will sync up only the events that I need – maybe the most current ones, and see if that doesn’t solve the other problem.

I will let you know what I find out. Does anyone else out there have a problematic other bar and a solution as well?

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  1. I have been having this problem with “other” too, I think its the picasa originals folders inside each picture folder. Does that make sense to anyone else. Also can you suggest how i can move them so that i can sync the rest to my Ipod.



  2. My ‘other’ bar was 1.5GB, and I did some looking around then realised that it might not be the apps installed themselves, but the data that they create. So for instance saved games on a game.

    I didn’t have much of these saved games, so I tried deleting facebook. Voila! over 1GB of other data disappeared, I guess it could be from all the facebook messages etc

  3. How do you get to this mysterious “I Drive”? I cannot find it, but since there is 3GB of ‘other’ space on a 8GB itouch, I am greatly disadvantaged. Could someone post a slight walkthrough?

  4. I do not have a fancy iPod I only have the 8GB iPod Nano and I also have this mysterious orange bar. I have tried deleting all of my artwork for my music, pictures, TV shows, movies, etc. I still cannot make this thing disappear. I really need some detailed instructions on how to make it go away because it is the most annoying thing, and I can’t add all of my music because it is in the way! Please Help?

  5. directmc says:

    I like to test things before posting info and what worked for me on my jailbroken Ipad was to empty the trash within IFile.

  6. The Orange bar contains numerous types of data. Primarily it is constituted of notes, cached data, and saved APP info. The short and skinny is that anything not synced through iTunes or involving the OS itself is thrown into the “other” section. So the actual answer is: it could be anything… Hope this helps.

    • Synn ~
      That certainly clears things up! ;-) Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment!

  7. thanks guys – i had been messing around with iphoto creating albums and scanning lots of old photos on my mac – the orange bar seemed to be overtaking the iphone – i have cleared the cache from safari and the orange bar has almost gone!

  8. The “Oarnge” in my case was associated with interupted installs …
    Go to root/tmp folder and cear the necessary files there

  9. I have an ipod classic with 80 GB. The orange bar appeared on my itunes. This is what I found. The orange bar means there is duplication in ipod. I clicked on my ipod in “I” drive and found movies and music that I thought were lost for ever. The problem is that I had clicked okay to sync purchases with itunes library. The msg states: ipod will be replaced with libary; NOT. The ipod is storing this information and not being replaced. I purchased Moleskin Clone Remover; this was easier for me because of the volume of files. You can do this manually, though. I found all the duplicates; I was able to clear my ipod; the orange bar in itunes disappeared; Next, I went to my computer, right clicked on my ipod, clicked on tools, clicked on error checking completing both options, downloaded apple again and selected repair. I was also getting the message that “ipod could not be sync’d, file was missing. This was resolved also. One last thing; I was guilty of not backing up my files. I resolved that problem.

    If you are getting an orange bar in itunes, you have duplicates and your device is probably overloaded. I was scratching my head on this one; none of the posts helped me. The best thing of all I found files I thought were gone forever! This must be a glich in Apple products. I hope this helps someone.

    • Thanks for sharing GW. Hopefully this will help others. I too suspect that the orange other bar has to do with old content. Mine was large when I had rearranged my entire iPhoto library on my Apple mac laptop. Once I deleted the cache the space was recovered.

  10. I read somewhere that the orange data is the artwork for your music. Mine is currently taking up 812mg. I deleted cache and cookies to see if it would change and it didn’t. I do have artwork downloaded for all of my music, so I’m betting that’s what it is, or at least some of it.

    • Hi Joy,
      Like I responded to GW my orange other bar issue was somehow related to the groupings that I had in iPhoto. I do know that regardless there will always be some portion of “other” present. I have been through several iPods and have always had this appear – but it was never out of control until I did a major overhaul and regrouping within my iphoto library.

  11. armeniman says:


    Use this free app DISKAID it will allow you to view your ipod touch contents, thus enabling you to delete the corrupt data that is taking up all the “other” space. I deleted around 11 folders labeled MUSIC and got rid of 4GB of orange space.

  12. You have to restore your ipod. After restoring your ipod you should get a messeage. It should say something about would you want photos and somethinge else i cant remember lol. DO NOT choose the option that talks about photos.

    I would be more detailed but im to lazy lol, but it’s simple to do

    - Restore your ipod

  13. I have this same problems. The ‘other’ bar is more than my music!!!! It really is making me mad. I have deleted all my my bookmarks, pictures, history and most of my apps! What do I do??

  14. I’ve experienced the same thing. However, Safari history/cache had nothing to do with it. My iPhone had a problem syncing yesterday, and converted my 12G of music/podcasts to ‘Other data’ without notice. Tried a lot of stuff– I’m backing up and restoring the blasted thing. If I lose my music or have to download all those podcasts again, i’m going to be peeved. Grrrrr… I wish Apple wouldn’t be the ‘nanny’ for data and at least give us an option to see what these orange files actually are and give us the option to manipulate the file-system manually. Arrrggg..

  15. Hey guys, there is a simple fix for this one.

    From your home screen:

    Settings–>Safari–>Clear History/Cache/Cookies

    The iPhone can store in excess of 4 GB of crap for Safari. Clear this stuff out and your “Other” bar will drop to about 260MB, which is the OS.

    Hope this helps!!

  16. Well, I’m a PC user and I have the same issue. But I found that the problem is also my photo library. I had to removed all most all my pics. Also represent a problem those app for iPhone and iPod Touch that modified or edit your photos

  17. Steve,
    I know the feeling. I’m a little late with this reply so I hope that you have already found a solution. The photos were my problem and mostly because I had made a lot of changes and regroupings in my iphoto library. I am wondering if you have made a lot of changes to playlists in your itunes library. Perhaps the old cache is vying for space with the new setup. Let us know if you have a solution.

  18. i have had the same problem but i dont store photos and its taking up as much space on my ipod as my music. I have no other content on my iPod and its really annoying! :@:( btw i dont use an apple mac laptop and i have a 3rd generation ipod. help would be useful. thanks