No Windows Live Writer for Mac

I never thought I’d say it – but maybe it just might be worth installing Windows on my Mac for one tiny little program.

Windows Live Writer.

If you blog – and you have a Windows machine then you have got to check this out.

It’s free. It’s part of Windows Live Essentials.

I haven’t tried – but oh how I want to.

Basically, it’s an offline blogging platform that allows you lots of flexibility when it comes to inserting images, videos, maps, and more.

You can preview your posts quickly – and make changes too.

When you set it up in the first place – you connect it with your online blog, so you just upload your finished post – and Voila.

I did a little digging to see if there was an alternative for Mac.

The only ones that I found are MarsEdit in the Mac App Store (which costs $39.99), Blogo, and Ecto – which are not in the App Store.

I haven’t tried any of them.

I guess I first need to finish pouting about there not being any Windows Live Writer for Mac first.

PS – If you are considering running Windows on your Mac, the Nova Development SuperBundle is running now. This particular bundle includes Parallels software. It’s a pretty good deal, you get some 10 apps for $49.00.

You can get the bundle here.

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