My hp c6180 Saga

A little foreshadowing: RIP.

I have had my hp c6180 all in one printer for years.

It served me very well.

Until recently.

I ran out of the light blue ink and replaced the cartridge with one that was expired – I just don’t go through this color too quickly, and I had an original hp cartridge that had been lying around unopened for awhile.

I put this in the printer and got the “ink cartridge expired” error which I bypassed. I have done this before on occasion with no problems.

But this time – shortly after I did this I received a new “ink system failure” error.


So I replaced the blue cartridge with a fresh one – and got the printer up and running again by doing a hard reset.

This worked for awhile.

Until one morning I awoke to a “pump motor stalled” error.

I was able to remedy this by removing all of the ink cartridges, then waiting for the printer to ask me to replace them” and then just sticking them all back in again.

Worked great – until my black ink cartridge ran out.

I then replaced it with a fresh, unexpired one.

Guess what?

Pump motor stalled error again.

Only this time – no fix worked.

Finally, I unplugged everything. When I plugged it back in – the hp c6180 printer just got caught in a loop of turning on and attempting to initialize over and over and over again.

What more could I do?

I retired the printer and am now trying to get by with an EPSON NX510. It is less powerful – but at least it works.

The moral of the story: No matter what brand or model of printer you have, NEVER stock up on too much ink. What works today may not work tomorrow.

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