Moving Pictures from Your iPhone to Your Computer

Evernote Picture Note on iPhone

Before the iPhone 4S came along – I never took pictures with my phone.

It was a 3G after all – and the thing was way too slow.

All that changed with the new model.

The camera is so much better for one thing and things are pretty zippy, speedwise.

Moving pictures to iPhoto is also pretty slick because of iCloud, but there’s still a time lag involved.

By the time I fire up iPhoto on my iMac (my photo library is large) and then by the time Photostream loads up – well, let’s just say the process is anything but instantaneous.

And sometimes you just want that picture NOW.

One workaround that works well for me is Evernote.

EvernoteIf you’ve heard of it, you know that this is a free notetaking app for just about any platform. There is Evernote for iPhone, Evernote for Mac, and Evernote for iPad.

To make it happen all I do is fire up Evernote on my iPhone (this method will work with iPad2 as well), choose the plus sign at the bottom to add a new note, and then select either snapshot to add a new picture note or camera roll to pick a photo that I have already taken.

This note will sync pretty quickly and automatically with the Evernote server (as long as your phone or iPad has sevice or is connected to wifi).

To grab the photo on your computer – just fire up the Evernote for Mac app and there it is. Drag the photo out of the note and onto your desktop.

Doing this does not actually remove the photo from the note – the note stays as is and a copy of the picture is placed on your desktop.

As you can see from the picture above – this works for screenshots as well. And the same process should work on a Windows machine as well – since there is an Evernote app for that platform too.

Obviously, this method won’t work for your 5,000 vacation photos – but when you need one or two shots really fast this is a pretty efficient method of moving pictures from your iPhone to your computer.

Evernote for iPhone and iPad is available here on the iTunes App Store and for Mac it is available here on the Mac App Store.

The app is free but if you love it – there is a premium version available. However, the free version offers more than enough space for most.

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