My Mac Hard Drive is Full

DaisyDisk for Mac

I have an old Macbook Pro circa 2007 with a 120GB hard drive.

Lately, it’s been pretty laggy and slow – and I am trying to figure how I can make the performance a bit better.

One problem is that the Mac hard drive is full – or getting there.

The thing is – the kids use this laptop and there really isn’t a whole lot on it. I have an account on it, with some of the apps that I use most, but that’s about all.

So what’s eating up the hard disk space?


There are a few apps out there that can help diagnose the problem.

These three are the ones that I looked at:

What all three of these programs do is scan your hard drive and tell you the size of all of the files and folders. Then it is up to you to go through and delete whatever you don’t want.

I started with the free OmniDisk Sweeper, but for some reason it was stopping after analyzing 66 GB but I knew that my Mac hard drive was full – almost 100 GB full.

So, I wanted to try another program.

The Disk Inventory X website says that it is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 and up – with no mention of Mac OS X Lion, so I was a little concerned as to whether this app was updated. In the end I decided not to give it a try.

DaisyDisk iconDaisyDisk, on the other hand – is not free, but right now it is 50% off on the Mac App Store and is being offered at $9.99. All the reviews were very good – so I bit the bullet and bought it.

This app offers up a unique, visual way of looking at the size of the contents on your hard drive.

After scanning your drive, it comes up with a circular chart.

The center is the size of the used portion of the drive. The first level of colored bands around that are the top level files and folders contained therein.

The second band around that is the next level of files and folders.

By clicking on any band – you zero in on that particular folder and it’s contents.

If you identify something that you want to delete – you just drag it to the delete bar at the bottom, click delete and those files are gone.

It may sound complicated – but the interface is actually very intuitive and easy to use.

Did It Solve My Problem?

Well, I did identify several old files that I no longer needed – which I promptly deleted.

But a lot of my space is tied up in my apps, my music library, and preferences (this I will have to comb through with a fine tooth comb)

I will be working closely with the DaisyDisk app over the next few days to free up space on my full Mac hard drive.

What Do You Use?

Do you use an app to analyze your hard drive space? Tell us why you like it.

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