Lion, iPhone 4S, and iOS 5

A lot of new stuff has come out of Apple in the last few weeks. Namely Lion, iPhone 4S, and iOS 5.

Those that follow every Apple happening will be pretty clear on the difference. But it can be confusing as to what each one of these means.

First up Mac OS X Lion. – This is the new operating system for Mac computers. Just like PC’s run on Windows, a Mac runs on OS X. Lion replaces Snow Leopard and contains several features that allow Mac computers to play nicely with mobile devices (like the iPhone and the iPad) that are running iOS 5.

Next up iOS 5. – Just like a computer needs an operating system to function, a smartphone (like the iPhone) or an intelligent mobile device (like the iPad or iPod Touch) also needs an operating system. Think of these devices as pocket computers. Because of their small size and limited capabilities, they cannot run a full blown operating system like a computer. There needs to be a system designed especially for that type of gadget. iOS 5 is that system for Apple mobile devices. It replaces the older iOS 4.

Finally, iPhone 4S – The iPhone 4s is Apple’s newest version of their popular phone. While it looks like the old iPhone 4 on the outside, the inside has been completely redesigned to offer a better user experience than the old version. Things like a faster processor, a better camera, and longer battery life make this an attractive choice. The 4S runs on iOS 5 and includes the new “intelligent assistant” called Siri.

While the iPhone 4 can be updated to run iOS 5 – it does not have Siri.

I discovered this confusion when I caught my husband trying to talk to his iPhone 4 after he ran the update.

“Siri, Siri … Are you there Siri?”

Sorry to say, you have to get a new phone for it to talk back to you.

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