iSkin Solo iPhone Case Review

The day I ordered my iPhone 4S I also ordered an iSkin Solo iPhone case.

My brand new phone was not going anywhere without a cover.

I picked iSkin because I love their products – and this particular case appeared to be just what I was looking for.

I can honestly tell you that I am very happy with my choice. Here is my review.

My Criteria

Front of iSkin Solo CaseI wanted something that fit the phone snugly, that covered all four corners, and that gave me a good grip when I was holding the phone.

Previously for my 3G I had an iSkin Revo – which I really liked – but which covered more of the phone than was necessary for my use. (The Revo is an awesome case for phones that see a lot of heavy duty usage.)

The Solo is a “soft” plastic case. The material lies somewhere between hard plastic and silicone. I did not want a hard plastic shell. Nor did I want silicone because the material is sometimes¬† a little “sticky” and does not easily slide in and out of a pocket.

The Solo is perfect for me.

The plastic has enough give to get the phone into the case – but once the case is on, it fits very tight. There is no gapping around the edges.

The Front

The rim of this iPhone case covers all of the front edges of the phone – but does not cover the camera, the speaker, or the home button on the front.

The Back

Back of iSkin Solo Case

The back side is smooth and glossy – almost like a sheet of hard candy. There is cut out for the rear camera.

The Sides

Side of iSkin Solo Case

The sides of the case are extremely well thought out – because although they are the same color as the rest – they are actually textured to offer a good grip.

One of my biggest fears is dropping the phone and this feature of the iSkin Solo iPhone case gives me confidence that it won’t slip through my fingers.

Again, there are cutouts for the speakers, the silence/vibrate switch, the headphone jack, and the charging cable.

The volume buttons and the on/off button are protected by the case.

The iSkin Solo FX

If you are looking for something with a little more texture – the iSkin Solo FX iPhone case is always an option. This case appears to be almost identical to the Solo but features an all over textured pattern.

Get Yours

Find the Solo at

Other Options

Make sure and take a look at some of the other great options:

The iSkin Aura iPhone Case is the newest design in the line up.

View all of the models here.

In full disclosure, I am an iSkin affiliate and I am not a very good photographer (in case you couldn’t tell ;-) )

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