How To Delete Photos from Apple Photostream

Oh – how I hate to be the bearer of bad news. :-(

Along with iOS 5 came an awesome feature called Photostream. Take a picture with your iPhone, it shows up everywhere – your iPad, your Mac, on any device that syncs with your iCloud ID.

A fantastic feature. For the most part.

But then there is that little problem with deleting photos.

Absolutely necessary if you take pictures that are, shall we say, sensitive in nature. But most of us don’t do that – or at least I hope not.

Practically speaking, there are those blurry shots – or irrelevant shots that you don’t want to have mixed in with all the other pictures that you want other people to see.

For example, I take a lot of pictures for my websites. Photostream has been an amazing tool for my work purposes. I can easily grab a picture for a post that I took on my iPhone 4S straight from iPhoto. No syncing required! How convenient is that?

But now – let’s just say that I am having dinner guests. I would love to set up the picture frame function of my iPad with good pictures of the family that I have recently taken.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to showcase my Photostream. But wait! My photostream has all of these random photos of stuff for my websites. Not too interesting for dinner conversation.

Sure I can create a special album using selected pictures. But that takes time and planning – something that I am not very good at. It would be far easier for me to delete the stuff I don’t want.

But right now Apple says “No Can Do”.

So please Apple – here is my requested feature: Please give us the ability to delete unwanted pictures from our Photostream. I don’t want to wait 30 days to have bad memories disappear.

What say the rest of you – are you with me? Leave a comment with your support right here.

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  1. As much as I love my macbook, as much as I love my new iPod Touch…

    This photostream stinks!!!

    We must have that option. Its ridicluous that I do not have control over my files….

    A simple solution to how to delete these photos from my IPhoto?????

    I am really, really upset about this.