Heart Clipart for Valentine’s Day

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Finding free heart clipart for Valentine’s Day is not hard.

A quick web search will turn up a ton of sites with thousands of images that you can use.

The problem is that there is probably just too many.

Who has time to weed through it all?

Some clipart sites are great but others bombard you with annoying popups – what is up with that?

It is far easier and quicker  to create your own heart clipart Рthan search through everything that is out there.

What – it sounds too hard?

Think again.

See the Valentine’s Day clipart above? I made those in about 5 minutes using a site called Picnik.com.

Contrary to what you might think – my photo editing prowess is pretty basic. So, if I can create those – you can probably come up with something fabulous!

I know – Picnik will soon be merging into Google Plus (Boo!) but until April it is free for all to use – including all of the features that used to be for premium customers only.

How To Do It

The thing about Picnik is that you need to start with an image to edit. You just can’t go to the site and make something from scratch.

So the trick is to upload an image with a plain white background.

Think of it as a blank canvas on which to work.

You can make a plain white image using Photoshop Elements or another photo editing software package. But if you do not have one of these – there is still a way to do it on a Mac.

Making a Plain White Image

  1. preview file menuFirst right click somewhere on your desktop and change the background image to white. You are going to use this white background for your blank image.
  2. Next open Preview.
  3. Then go to File -> Take Screen Shot -> From Selection
  4. Your cursor will now become a crosshair symbol (like a plus sign) – the small numbers near the cross hair are the length and width of the area that you are selecting.
  5. Drag this crosshair cursor over a portion of your white desktop background. I like to use a 200×200 square for clipart. You can edit the size to be smaller later – but making the image bigger later, will reduce the quality (so make sure you start with a big enough size).
  6. When you release your mouse button, Preview will take a snapshot of the selection and create a new document with a white background.
  7. Save this document to your desktop or a different location as a .png file (.jpg will work too) – call it blank.png or something like that.
  8. Now upload this file to Picnik.
  9. You are ready to create your free heart clipart for Valentine’s Day.

 Valentine's Day ClipartAdd Some Stickers

Picnik.com offers a wide variety of Valentine’s Day stickers.

Just select the sticker that you want and drag it onto your blank canvas. Really, you can stop right here.

You can see from the screenshot that Picnik offers all kinds of cute heart clipart including adorable little conversation hearts, hearts with designs, and even hand drawn hearts.

If hearts aren’t your thing – you can choose from lips, candy boxes, teddy bears, presents, and more.

Want to Get Fancy?

Why not take things up a notch and add some text – like I did on the Valentine’s Day tag above.

Or you can combine different stickers to get an original look.

In the Teddy Bear clipart that I made above – I started with a scrolly sticker from the Floralia collection. I changed the color from black to a faded pink and dragged it off the image so that just a corner was visible. Then I duplicated this image 3 times and dragged one off of each corner. Finally I placed a cute little teddy bear with a heart in the center.


5 Minutes.

The possibilities are limited only by your time.

So go forth and have some fun!

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