I just discovered something called Gelaskins.

These are gorgeous “skins” for a bunch of different electronic gadgets including the MacBook Pro and the iPhone.

What is a Skin?

A skin is a thin vinyl coating that covers your device. It provides good scratch protection but it is not as protective as a case. These skins stick to your device using a tacky 3M adhesive that does not leave any stickiness behind (think Post It). Because of this unique adhesive you can reposition the skin easily if you don’t get it on right the first time.

Designs, Designs

A Gelaskin, in particular, comes in a variety of beautiful designs. There are even screen wallpapers available to download that match the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MacBook Pro skins. A skin combined with a matching wallpaper turns an ordinary device into an incredible work of art.

Make It Your Own

If you don’t find something that you love on the Gelaskins website – you can create your own skin using a photograph that you upload. Proudly display a family photograph in a manner that is sure to get noticed.

A custom skin is also a great way to display a company logo. With the bulk discounts that are available – you can order a bunch for employees and customers. This amounts to excellent publicity at a very low price.

Not Just For Apple Products

Gelaskins are not just limited to Apple devices. You can cover your Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, your Blackberry, your Xbox controller, and even your Nintendo DS. In fact, they cover over 100 different devices.

Take a peek at their site and see what they have to offer.

I plan to showcase a few of my favorite designs right here.

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