Etsy iPad Cases

Often, Etsy has iPad covers that are off the beaten path.

If you don’t know about Etsy – it’s an online marketplace for people to sell their own creations.

And if you like to be original, then it’s the perfect place for you.

I started to troll Etsy awhile ago.

One day I woke up and said – “if you’ve seen one iPad case, you’ve seen them all”. Or something of that nature.

That’s when I knew, that mass production had me jaded – and it was time to see what else I could find.

Today, because it’s the weekend, I thought I would share a few interesting items that caught my eye.

Canvas iPad BagThis iPad bag has a rugged, classy look that fits with just about any outfit.

It’s campy, it’s fun – and I want one.

You can find it, and others like it, in the shop of Satchel & Page.

Per the description, it even has a padded insert to keep your iPad safe and sound.

Wood iPad Skin

Think it’s wood?

Well, think again.

This is a skin for the original iPad – 1st generation.

But it looks soooooo real.

Fool your friends – fool yourself.

There is a panel to cover the black edge around the front too.

This gorgeous iPad skin can be found in the iCarbons Etsy shop.

Ouija Board iPad Case

I am too weak of heart to connect with the great beyond, but I give this Ouija Board iPad case an A for originality.

It is hand crafted from leather and has a comfortable, worn look that I like.

Luckily, the Joe V. Leather Etsy Shop has lots of other original designs to choose from like an Ace of Spades and a doctor’s eye chart.

And that is about all the time that I have to be browsing at Etsy – I really could spend all day.

Have you made any great Etsy finds lately?

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