Daylight Savings Time on the iPhone 4S

I knew that the iPhone is set to adjust to daylight savings time automatically.

In fact, I noticed that today my phone has been showing the correct time all day.

The Problem

But – thanks to this comment thread at – I just realized that my Calendar App is off.

By one hour.

That little bar with the red handle that cuts across the calendar to show you where you are in the day – well on my iPhone 4S it is spanning the time an hour later than it really is.

I checked on and the time is showing correctly over there.

I checked the settings on my phone – and those are correct as well.

And iCloud on my computer has the right time too.

What I Tried

I tried my old standby solution – shut down the phone and restart.

I manually initiated a wifi sync (because my iPhone does not automatically sync over wifi – even though it is supposed to – but that is another story).

And I tried a manual sync.

So, what gives?

Is anyone else having this problem?

Hopefully this one will work itself out.

UPDATE: All is well this morning on my calendar app. Somehow overnight the time bug straightened itself out and the time is now showing correctly.

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