Clear – The To Do List App for iPhone

Clear App for iPhone

Today the web has been buzzing with news of Clear, a to do list app for iPhone by Realmac Software.

Get the Clear App here on the iTunes App Store.

The iTunes app store is already full of Getting Things Done apps including Apple’s own Reminders app, so why did this one cause such a stir?

The answer is

a. it’s simple

b. it has a beautiful interface.

In a nutshell, it’s easy and fun to use.

Is it better than everything else? That, I’m not so sure.

The Set Up

The simplicity in the Clear App for iPhone begins with the 3 levels of options. The top level is your options and settings. Clicking on “My Lists” from this menu takes you to a list of your lists. Clicking on any one of your lists will take you to the actual items.

You navigate between levels with a swipe of your finger – that is accompanied by a nice musical sound (you can turn sounds off in settings if you want).

Heat Map

The items on your list are displayed in “heat map” layout with red items on top (these are supposedly the things that are very important) and they work their way down from red to orange to yellow.

It’s All About Touch

What makes the Clear To Do List app unique is that everything is controlled by touch. A swipe up brings you up one level, a swipe down, brings you down one level.

A pinch apart will add a new item between two existing items. And you can use a hold and drag gesture to rearrange items.

Marking something complete is a swipe to the right and making it active again is another swipe to the right.

A swipe to the left deletes it.

It really is a lot of fun to use.

The gestures are simple, but if you are right/left challenged – you might end up deleting something instead of marking it done.

Like to Stay in Sync?

Herein lies the problem. As of now there aren’t any sync options. If you only use your to do list on your iPhone then it’s perfect for you.

But if you like to add items while you are working on your Mac or iPad – then you are out of luck. Although syncing does take away from the simplicity of it.

Give It A Try

Right now the Clear To Do App for iPhone is being offered at a special introductory price of .99 on the iTunes App Store here – no telling how long that price will last.

I, for one, snapped it up. So this Clear App review is based on hands on experience.

See It In Action

If a picture is worth a thousand words – a video is worth, well – who knows how many?

See the app in action here – and let us know what you think.

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