Clean Your Mac Keyboard

Clean Mac Keyboard

The thing about Mac keyboards – well, they are white.

Don’t get me wrong – I like the white color. But the keys get soooo dirty.

Just this morning – I could stand it no longer.

I had shut down my Mac to add more RAM (another story).

And since I was sprucing things up – I decided to clean the Mac keyboard as well.

I have a little secret weapon that works like a charm.

It’s called – Magic Eraser. (No Apple doesn’t make it.)

Just take one of these puppies and make it ever so slightly damp.

I stress – very slightly. You don’t want to go and get water in your keyboard.

That would be bad.

Then with your keyboard off (if it’s bluetooth) or unplugged (if it’s not) – gently wipe down the keys, using a soft dry cloth to wipe up any dirt smudges.

Then your keyboard should look like mine (pictured above).

Have you been putting this task off too?

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