Use Printopia to Print From an iPad

Printopia Settings

How to print from iPad - that is the question. After all, an iPad would be infinitely more useful if you could actually get information off of it. When the iPad was first introduced, this was not even a possibility. The only thing that you could do was email documents to yourself and then print them out on your computer. Inconvenient. […]

How To Import iPhone Videos

video camera

What should be simple can sometimes be complicated. How to import iPhone videos onto your Mac computer – well, it should be simple. And usually it is. Videos Taken With the Camera App When I say iPhone videos – I am talking about the kind that you take with the camera on your iPhone. Home […]

Free App of the Week – Toca Tailor

toca tailor app review

I love the Apple Free App of the Week this week. It is Toca Tailor – and if you have a daughter, you are going to love this one! It’s all about fashion with this app from Toca Boca AB. Don’t be mistaken, not high fashion, paper doll style fashion. Except on your iPad. Or […]

iPhone Insurance – Which policy is best?

apple care plus insurance

Before the ink is dry on that new phone contract – you should have a plan in place for iPhone insurance. Think about it now – because it is easy to forget once you start using the phone, and then it might be too late. While there may be several types of insurance out there, […]

My iPad Has A Fever


I am sad to report today that my iPad is under the weather. Symptoms: woke up this morning in recovery mode (you know it’s going to be a bad day when …) after restore, been running warm all day – even when not in use battery is draining – even when not in use getting […]

Apple Messages for Texting

apple messages screeshot

The Apple Messages App is now included on every iOS device and on Mac computers too. We first saw this app when iOS 5 was introduced. At that time it was called iMessage and it brought a new twist to traditional text messaging. What It Does This new app allows unlimited texting to and from […]

Penultimate by Evernote

adonit jot stylus

I am always searching for a great handwriting app for the iPad. So, today, when I received an email from Evernote announcing the new redesigned Penultimate app – I was pretty excited. Unfortunately – it’s been one of those days, and I haven’t had time to actually review it. But I did watch the video […]

Noteshelf App Review

Noteshelf app

The Noteshelf App by Ramki is a note taking software app for the iPad that just might replace all your old spiral bound notebooks. I recently picked up Noteshelf on the iTunes App Store and have since found about a million uses for it. This app lets you create notebooks that you store on a […]

Which iPad Should I Buy?

new iPad

It’s launch day for the new iPad. And if you’re in the market for one – you’re probably grappling with the decision of – Which iPad should I buy? After all they just don’t come in one flavor. There are, in fact, several different configurations to choose from. For many the first decision is – […]

How To Delete Photos in Photo Stream

How to Delete on iPhone

This is how to delete photos in Photo Stream. First, if you have not updated your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to iOS 5.1 – please run software update and do so. (Find out how to update to iOS 5.1 here) The ability to remove photos from your Photo Stream is a new feature that […]

Yes – You Can Now Delete Photos From Photostream

iOS 5.1

As wonderful as Apple Photo Stream is (having all of your pictures on all of your devices is really amazing) – one big complaint was that you could not delete photos from Photo Stream. You were stuck with bad or unwanted photos until you either hit the 30 day limit or the 1000 photo limit […]