Can I Share My Apple Photostream Pictures?

Photostream is one of the big features in iOS 5 and iCloud.

To be honest – this feature has helped me in many ways – and I really do love it.

But one thing has been bothering me – and I thought maybe I just didn’t know how to make “it” happen.

What I found out – is that “it” doesn’t exist.

“It” being the ability to share photos with others in the cloud.

Under MobileMe (did I really say that word) – you could publish an album on your computer to an online gallery. Then you could share the URL of this gallery with friends and family. You could even password protect your MobileMe gallery so that only the right people could see your pictures.

Surely, Photostream would offer something similar – or so I thought.

The reality is that there is no photo sharing features built into Photostream, iCloud, and iOS 5.

You can snap pics with your iPhone and access them from your iPad or computer. But no one else can unless they know your Apple ID and password – and these are things that you really don’t want to give out.

So – your only options for sharing your Photostream pictures are to use a third party service like Facebook, Flickr, or even MobileMe – until it expires that is.

I know, Facebook is the wave of the future. But for someone like me that is kind of a private person – none of these social sites sounds like a great option.

For now – I am sharing my Photostream (dare I call it the old fashioned way) via MMS or, gasp!, email.

There really has to be a better way.

Tell me – how do you share your Apple Photostream pictures with those you love?

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  1. I use smugmug ( Cost is about the same as MM and comes with LOTs of features for professional or amateur photographer.

  2. I wish this would happen to. It seems like a major oversight. But with MobileMe being shelved, I would hope they also migrate this feature before too long.