Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Connection Dropping in Lion

I know that I am not the only one with this issue – and it is an annoying one.

Sometimes – when my Mac drops into sleep mode – the bluetooth connection for the trackpad, mouse and keyboard drops.

So, when the the computer reawakens, I can’t move my cursor and I can’t type or use any keyboard shortcuts either.

My only option is to improperly shut the computer down. Then, when I restart it – the bluetooth connection picks right back up.

It is so frustrating for a few reasons.

First, shuting down the computer in this manner can’t be good for it.

Second, every time I sit down at the Mac – I really don’t have the time to perform a full shut down and restart. I mean really, I kind of have to get a little work done!

Is anyone else having this issue with bluetooth in Mac OS X Lion?

If so, have you solved it? How?

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