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I wrote this 1Password review based on the Mac version – but there is a version for Windows available as well.

1Password is a password manager for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android. It is available on the Mac App Store here.

Do you repeatedly use the same password over and over again for logins all over the internet?

If you do – you are putting yourself at risk for being hacked.

A few years ago, someone hacked into the account of a top level executive at Twitter.

Not to steal his identity – but rather, to prove a point.

The point being that most people are very vulnerable to this kind of attack.

In this case, the hacker was able to hack into this executive’s email.

You know how some sites will email you your login info when you register?

Well, this hacker found one of these emails – and then randomly used it attempt to login on a bunch of different sites.

Since this executive used the SAME PASSWORD everywhere – the hacker was able to infiltrate many of this person’s accounts.

Keeping Track of It All

It’s easy to get lazy about passwords.

No one can remember a slew of different ones.

And now just about every site asks you to sign up or login.

In fact, many sites recognize how easy it is to get hacked, so they now require that you use x number of characters including a few capital letters, numbers, and even special characters.

To keep track of it all – you can either go the old fashioned route and keep a little notebook next to your computer or use a password manager like 1Password.

The thing about the little notebook – you won’t have it on the go.

But 1Password can go with you.

How It Works

The Basics

You use a master password to log into the 1Password app on your computer. All you need to remember is this one master password (hence the name).

Once installed you can configure the 1Password app to place an icon in the toolbar of your browser.

When you visit a website that requires a password and you login – 1Password will ask you if you want it to remember that password for you.

The next time you visit the site, you click on the icon in your toolbar and 1Password will fill in the required fields and log you in.

Up until now – if you have been using the same password everywhere – you will have to change your existing passwords to something more challenging.

But luckily -  1Password can help you with that too.

Password Generation

1Password Password Generator1Password has a handy little password generator tool built right in.

This means that you don’t have to tax your brain trying to come up with an impossible string of characters, numbers, and capital letters each time you need a new password.

The app will create and remember the new password that it generates.

Staying in Sync

Once you start creating long, unique passwords for each site that you visit you will quickly realize that you will need your database of passwords with you wherever you are.

1Password will automatically sync with your iPhone and iPad via Dropbox (the free version is more than adequate) or manually via wifi.

You can get the app for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes app store here.

Other Types of Data

Mac Software Serial NumbersObviously, 1Password keeps track of passwords. But it can also keep track of other types of data like Mac software serial numbers and confidential items like credit card numbers that you use often.


According to the AgileBits website – your data is encrypted using AES 128-bit security.

The Bottom Line

Passwords are a necessary evil. They block out intruders from hacking into our data – but they also create a barrier for ourselves.

Keeping track of multiple passwords is painful.

1Password makes the process much easier.

Where To Buy

1Password is available on the Mac App Store here.

Every once in awhile sites like Mac Update Promo will offer up a 1Password discount - but don’t wait too long for that.

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